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Sara Watson Curry

Sara Watson Curry endorsement.png

In this pivotal moment in Minnesota, we need a passionate, dynamic, and collaborative leader to represent Moorhead for Minnesota House 4A. Now is the time in which we must build coalitions and effect positive change at the Capitol for Moorhead. Heather Keeler is the dynamic leader we need for Minnesota House 4A and I whole-heartedly endorse her!

Heather brings energy, dedication, and broad experience in direct and public service to draw on in the legislative process. She has walked and served along families and youth, which drives her to advocate for our neighbors so often overlooked or not reflected in the elected body or in policies that come out of a legislative session.

Heather's a natural leader who is driven to serve her community and who uplifts people along the way. This collaborative approach will make sure the voices of citizens and needs of Moorhead and Oakport are in compassionate hands. This deep passion for community understanding drives her to ask the hard questions, and she won't settle for an easy answer. She's ready to build a better and brighter future for Moorhead and Minnesotans together

Long story short: Heather is awesome.

Sara Watson Curry, Moorhead City Council Member

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