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Kara Gloe

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Hi. My name is Kara Gloe. I have lived in Moorhead for almost eight years and currently serve the community as a director for Moorhead Area Public Schools’ board of education. 

I have known Heather Keeler since middle school, if not earlier. I have seen her grow into a fierce advocate for her people, the youth and her community. I have watched her work tirelessly to ensure that the next generation is better off than we were. I have seen her relentless dedication to our community as she has served on the Moorhead Human Rights Commission and as she fought for to bring Indigenous Peoples Day to all of us. I know her heart to be loving, service oriented, and dedicated. I know her character to be trustworthy and honest. I know that she is resilient and full of grit and determination. I know her commitment to transparency and staying in contact with her community, so she can truly represent us. 

If we send Heather Keeler to St. Paul to fight for Moorhead, I know our community will be well served. I know she won’t forget where she comes from or get caught up in political games. If we elect Heather to the Minnesota House of Representatives, my children will be better for the work she will do and so will yours. If we send Heather to St. Paul on our behalf, my family will be better for the work she will do and so will yours. If Heather is fighting for us in St. Paul, I believe what comes out of our state legislature will benefit my life and yours, too. If Heather is serving Moorhead, our entire community will benefit. 

I urge you to vote Heather for House.

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